Round Table Discussions

Whether you are new to homeschooling, a veteran homeschooler, or just considering taking the plunge, these round table conversations will give you food for thought and information to help you get the most out of your homeschool experience.

Our Customer Success Team is hosting these special sessions to answer ANY questions that you might have, and hear any advice that you have to offer, in a safe space; we’re all in this together.

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The HOW of Word Problems (Online Round Table)

Is your student struggling with word problem math? Parents often say that the hardest part of teaching mathematics is word problems.Join us again as we revisit this popular round table talking about HOW to teach a word problem, what skills you as a parent have to contribute to the process, and how to involve your […]

Homeschooling With Multiple Children (Online Round Table)

Join veteran homeschool parents as we share tips and insights into homeschooling multiple children. Bring your questions, bring your experiences, and prepare to be encouraged.You can register here.

What Does Mastery Mean? (Online Round Table)

If you are a Math-U-See parent, you may wonder, "What does mastery look like?" at any particular point in your journey. Join us as we discuss how you know you are on the right track, and share observations to parents who might be interested in a Mastery Approach.You can register here.

It’s November and We’re Not Making Progress in Math (Online Round Table)

If you are well-started in your academic year, whether in homeschool or another environment, November is often the time where parents feel like progress is stalled. How do you evaluate what is not working well?Join our team to have an honest conversation about what to look for, how to evaluate progress, and what you might […]

Evaluating What’s Working (Or Not) Before the Holidays

Join us for a discussion about how to evaluate your homeschool year thus far, and what kinds of possible changes you may make in the new year to feel like your students are successful.You can register here.

Are you Ready to PAR (Plan, Assess, Reset) Your Homeschool Year? (Online Round Table)

December is a common time for homeschool families to assess their original school year plan, evaluate what you (and your students) have learned, and make adjustments to enhance the remainder of your year. Join us for this special event to discuss ways to effectively weigh your academic year thus far, and to discuss new possibilities […]

Happy New Year—Is It Time for a Reset? (Online Round Table)

It can be SO hard to get back to a routine after the holidays. What is important NOW, and how do you readjust to be ready for the rest of your year? Join our team as we discuss strategies to enter back into academics successfully, evaluate your progress, and plan your priorities for 2022.You can […]

You’ve Completed AIM—What’s Next? (Online Round Table)

Online (Link in the description)

Accelerated Individualized Mastery (AIM) interventions have been game changers for so many families. How do you keep the forward momentum of your new habit as you step into general math again? Join us for a discussion of ideas and plans.You can register here.

Continuing to Learn When School Goes AWOL (Webinar)

Online (Link in the description)

What happens when you find yourself unexpectedly without your normal school routine? How do you maintain your student’s learning, and even perhaps make up for some lost ground? Join Gretchen Roe as she shares a fresh and effective way to improve your student’s mathematical fact fluency.You can register here.

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